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Hello Friend! I'm Sheree Thompson - How can I support you?

I'm overjoyed that you found this site and am excited about the possibility of working with you.

I serve people who desire a deeper relationship with God, a deeper relationship with self and a deeper relationship with their dreams. I do this work through ministry, coaching, speaking and exciting and unique learning opportunities.

Join me in my new spiritual intensive experience, BELIEVE! I use the season of Lent, which traditionally is about fasting, and have expanded it to include deep focus on God, developing a customized spiritual practice that supports your dreams, and spiritual rejuvenation.  What you believe about God, yourself and the world you live in determines the quality of your life. Won't you join me and transform what you believe is possible?

Lent 2024 | BELIEVE! 

A 46-Day Spiritual Intensive that will change you at depth and shift what you BELIEVE is possible.